Engine Lamp

"Check Engine" lamp in the instrument cluster is turned on by the computer that is located in the vehicle some place. The responsibility of this computer is to keep an eye on all the little guys that are working in the engine compartment. As this guard makes its rounds to check on each of the workers, and if it finds one misbehaving, the guard (Computer) turns on the Check Engine lamp to let the driver know that someone is misbehaving. A constant log of these events is kept by the guard. When a technician hooks up his laptop to the car computer he can read the complete log written by the guard. Based on the log the technician can then approach the failing worker and talk to him as to why he is not performing his duties. Once the investigation is complete the corrective action can be implemented. The cost and cause of finding a non performing worker is $95.00. A cost of corrective action is presented after the evaluation is complete. Required evaluation time is generally one day.