Frequently Asked Questions

An A/C system fails for several reasons; the most common is a leak some place in the system. A performance evaluation should be performed to ascertain the cause of lack of cold air. Arbitrarily charging the system is not a good idea and should not be done at home.



Mileage does not dictate air filter replacement, condition of the filter does. The motor inhales through the air filter it and can not breathe with a dirty filter, it acts as if it has a cold.



Every 5K to 6K miles and balance the front


Tune up is an old acronym which related to changing ignition points, spark plug wires, condenser and adjusting ignition timing ETC. Most vehicles today are not installed with the bygone era components. Today’s vehicles require two types of maintenance, one replacement of all fluids and the second checking the health of electronics, emission components and replacing the spark plugs ETC. So today’s acronym is electronic maintenance or fluid maintenance. Most manufacturers have a suggested schedule for maintenance.



Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. However read the fine prints in the owner’s manual. If you generally dispose your vehicle before 100K miles follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. If you retain your vehicle till it is ready to go to car heaven, then replace the motor oil at every 3K miles.

Emissions test are performed biannually on all vehicles
Emissions test are performed on all salvaged vehicles
Emissions test are performed on out of state vehicles
Emissions test are performed where title is changing