Transmission Flush in Windsor, CA

With a special machine, we replace all the transmission fluid. Road test the vehicle and adjust fluid as needed.
Average price $192.15

Price varies depending upon vehicle make and model.


There are two separate services that can be performed on a transmission. The major difference is amount of fluid replaced during the service. Most common service is to replace the transmission fluid and filter. With this service approximately ¼ of the total capacity of the fluid is replaced and balance of the old fluid stays in the transmission. Transmission fluid is a detergent fluid and the thinking in the past has been that if the service is performed on regular basis small amount of new fluid is sufficient to renew the total capacity of fluid. The second service is to use a machine and hookup to the transmission and replace the total quantity of the fluid with new fluid. Some folks opt to alternate the service when due. Some manufacturers do not recommend flushing the transmission.

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